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Omnistream's Persona Intelligence automates customer insights to help retailers decrease dependency on discounts and increase customer loyalty



Customer spend evolves with life values and life events. Omnistream’s proprietary machine learning solutions automatically identify life values underpinning every purchase.

We work with retailers in Asia across grocery, beauty, health & wellness, homeware and F&B to automatically segment shoppers by psychological drivers, in real time. With algorithmically derived customer attributes, our technology generates more than 10,000 Sales Prediction Trees for every segment in near real-time.

Our belief is that shopper purchases and needs shape their behaviours. Combining RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary) and psychographic methodologies we build personas which enable you to connect with your customers at an individual level and influence their behaviours in a positive way.

This is what we call Persona Intelligence.



Who are my underserved customers, and who is at risk of churn?

Health & Wellness Retailer Case Study

A Health & Wellness FMCG retailer struggled with >25% promotions cannibalising long term loyalty for short term sales

Omnistream automatically analysed >5 years’ worth of POS and loyalty data in 2 weeks

Persona Intelligence insights identified 2 underserved customer segments: Casual Dieters and Family-Oriented Women

Our technology also identified 7 trends of cannibalising campaign types

By targeting the underserved segments and removing cannibalising campaigns, this client achieved 8% uplift in sales within 12 months

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Lifestyle Retailer Case Study

A lifestyle retailer with over 50 outlets was navigating the challenges associated with how to spend its marketing budget; how best to allocate the spend over time, across products and marketing campaigns.

Our persona led marketing mix solution that offered to measure the efficiency and return on investment (ROI) for every shopper group (persona), product segment, time of year and channel, and provided recommendations on how to reset and reallocate the marketing budget so as to achieve maximum ROI. 

Our customised dynamic dashboard was ready within a couple of weeks with all the actionable insights and recommendations. The client is now able to create targeted marketing campaigns based on product type, customer segment and time period. This has helped them to develop more targeted and effective marketing campaigns and achieve a 30% increase on their return on investment.

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Grocery Retailer Case Study

A grocery retailer struggled with shopper frequency, and falling customer loyalty

Upon automatically analysing historical POS and loyalty data, Omnistream identified 7 blanket promotions that were irrelevant to persona basket intent

With our Product Recommendations automated insights report, this client could identify in real-time the best item and price for every persona, down to individual customer IDs

This helped the grocery client achieve 5% uplift within 12 months

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