Omnistream's Predictive Operations deliver near real-time actionable insights and recommendations to help retailers decrease working capital, increase product assortment and maximise sales




Retail operations can be complicated especially in Asia. How do you decide on the ideal assortment in order to meet your shopper needs? How do you decide where your next outlets should be? How do you decide on the right assortment in order to maximise the return on investment? 

Omnistream's Predictive Operations leverages proprietary algorithms to help you make operational improvements in real-tie. Increase cost savings and maximise sales with better, simpler operational decisions. 

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Using the latest technology and proprietary algorithms, driven by hyper localised and granular retailer and external data, Omnistream has started providing retailers with store level planograms, which are automatically updated for every category and every store, as frequently as every two weeks – that’s tens of thousands of planograms every week – and all delivered seamlessly using existing templates and processes, so as to not disrupt operations and without incurring any costs.

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Convenience Store Case Study

  • A convenience chain with >2,000 outlets needed to increase margins with private label strategies

  • Analysing more than 939 billion data points in under 2 weeks, Omnistream’s algorithms ingested data from weather, traffic, real estate, sales, product attributes, and loyalty

  • With these, our technology identified opportunity areas for baby-related products that could achieve 24% in uplift within 12 months

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F&B retailer Case Study

  • A coffee chain had no customer segmentation, no loyalty data, and no clue about shopper-centric inventory management practices

  • With their POS data, Omnistream automatically identified 5 basket intents of this coffee chain’s customers, segmented by various outlets spread over a large geographical area in Asia

  • Our technology also identified cannibalising products per outlet type and per outlet, to automate recommendations for changes to assortment based on store clusters

  • Finally, Omnistream’s proprietary algorithms identified ideal locations for future outlets, and ideal attributes for NPD

  • This client leveraged the near real-time automated insights to make decisions for site selection, assortment optimisation, and to eliminate cannibalising products and stores

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Convenience Store Case Study​

  • This retailer, with >100 outlets, struggled to do root cause analysis for operational costs ballooning by 30% per year

  • Omnistream automated insights for operational lapses, taking into account sales trends relating to holidays, weather, competitor campaigns, and census data

  • Our technology also differentiated between unusual sales patterns differentiated by hero SKUs, seasonal SKUs, and adhoc SKUs

  • These insights helped the retailer identify core operational lapses from shelving to supply chain management, segmented by store region and individual outlets

  • The client achieved cost savings of more than $7 billion from operational optimisation within 12 months