how it works

Our Data-Empowered Retail Solutions put you in charge with optimized store-level planograms.

how we help you
how it works

Our Data-Empowered Retail Solutions put you in charge with optimized store-level planograms.

how we help you

how we help you optimize retail processes

our consumer-centric solution puts you in charge with data-driven insights and optimized planogram recommendations as unique as each individual store.

integration into your existing core systems

Modular offering fully integrates into your entire existing supply chain, retail planning and forecasting systems

retailer & 3rd party data integration

Integrate your available store-level retail and stock-level data, which is complemented with Omnistream’s own 3rd party data

store-level customization

Capture your merchandizing guidelines like top sellers, and consumer decision trees along with any overrides preferences that translate into store-level customization

shelf planogram generation

Automatically generate specific store-level planograms that ensure perfect fit, with scalable deployment

unique store-level assortment generation

Get optimized sales volume & value modelling predictions based on the unique composition of each store such as geography clusters & store-level competition proximity

rapid scenario simulation

Run multiple planogram scenarios and make changes in minutes

shopper insights

Get a better understanding of your shopper profiles and better understand consumer decision trees

actionable recommendations

Get data-driven planogram recommendations based on algorithmically scoring your priorities:
• P&L: Sales, Profit, Basket Size
• Visual Impact
• Retailer Merch Guidelines

measure results

Evaluate store-level profitability and measure incremental growth vs. control stores

optimized store-level assortment & planogram solutions

complement your existing investments with the only assortment & planogram solution that allows you to choose the specific processes you want to optimize.

modular offering

Buy what you need – select the processes you want to optimize

fully integrates into your systems

Designed to complement your existing investments

omnistream product suite

configure inputs:
  • Specify customer shelving & merchandizing guidelines
  • Customer decision tree override preferences
  • Cap person hours / churn on planograms



unique store-level assortment generation:
  • Optimizes assortment based on customer behavior, geography and competition proximity
  • Generate customer decision trees
shelf planogram generation:
  • Auto-generate store-level planograms
  • Auto-generate multiple scenarios based on:
    • P&L
    • Visual Impact
    • Retailer Merch Guidelines



rapid scenario simulation & measure results:
  • Predict and score planogram performance based on multiple scenarios
  • Evaluation based on visual impact & profitability

how we implement.


establish goals & set KPIs


Some Common Challenges:

  • Sales Performance
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Shopper Focus


  • P&L: Sales, Profit, Basket Size
  • Retailer Merch Guidelines
  • Visual Impact

start our partnership


with a pre-defined trial before scaling

  • Begin a trial with 2 Categories
    (proof of concept)
  • Roll-out: Increase the number of categories & stores over time

We accompany your teams with workshops & tools to ensure easy implementation


analyze & recommend


  • Incremental store & category growth
    (vs. control stores)
  • Gross profit improvements
  • Inventory improvements

what the process looks like

our leading-edge retail technology captures your store-level retail and stock data, along with our 3rd party data to generate store-level assortment & planograms in minutes.

our clients

we’re trusted by global retailers.

health & beauty • quick commerce & food delivery • supermarkets & convenience

retail salesbefore & during COVID
stock reduction(days-on-hand)
gross margin

Let us help you accelerate growth via consumer-centric, data-empowered retail solutions

Our retail clients around the world see at least 4% to 11% in incremental sales

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