Minimum Increase
in Retail Sales (Value)


Inventory Reduction
(Days on hand)

impactful results

our retail clients around the world see at least 4% to 11% in incremental sales.

a consumer-centric solution

our data-empowered technology generates optimized store-level assortment and planograms that drive growth and profitability.

we leverage your data & existing systems

Our Data-Empowered Retail Solutions fully integrate into your existing supply chain, retail planning and forecasting systems – building on investments already made.  we start by leveraging your retail data and optimizing it.

planograms & assortments as unique as each store

We provide store-level planning that adapts and caters to every retailer. Our AI-powered technology allows you to maximize growth by simulating multiple scenarios, and making modifications in minutes, offering custom planograms and assortments at scale.


Our retail expertise and solutions offer actionable insights to drive sustainable growth and profitability.

rapid scenario analysis & near-real time outputs
data-driven & actionable recommendations

how we’re different

our solutions are designed to deliver truly store-level outcomes.

No time-consuming templates. 100% compliance of your merchandising guidelines.  A consumer-centric, scalable solution that delivers near real-time scenario planning and recommendations.

a data-driven platform with rapid scenario simulation & planning

Our intuitive data-driven user platform offers a breakthrough scenario planning feature and delivers near real-time planograms.
This allows you to run rapid assortment & planogram simulations to visually understand the impact of planogram changes on your profitability, sales, and basket sizes.

data-empowered retail solutions that are customer & consumer-centric at store-level

Our leading-edge retail technology captures store-level data and leverages machine learning to provide modelling predictions & recommendations.

measurable results that accelerate growth

Determining the right products, pack sizes and facings directly help your product rotations. Our optimized recommendations drive results by developing store-level profitability.

what’s in it for you

operational efficiencies lead to a better consumer experience and has a direct impact on your success through optimized retail planning and incremental sales opportunities.

retailer benefits

better inventory management

Optimized assortment and facings help avoid overstock from improper retail planning and unsold products.

standardized retail strategy

Ensure retailer merchandising guidelines are captured for each category, & across all stores incl. top sellers, and innovations.

reduced food waste

Supply Chain optimization from operation efficiencies helps contribute to the reduction of food waste at retailer level.

consumer benefits

product availability

Optimized assortment & visibility on manufacturer stock-levels ensure the right product is at the right place at the right time.

localized product preferences

Store-level customization at scale is made possible through assortment modifications that reflect location & competition proximity.

better consumer experience

Tech-solutions empower your teams by reducing low value-added decisions and allowing them to focus on the customer.

our clients

we’re trusted by global retailers.

health & beauty • quick commerce & food delivery • supermarkets & convenience

retail sales
before & during COVID
stock reduction
gross margin

Let us help you accelerate growth via consumer-centric, data-empowered retail solutions

Our retail clients around the world see at least 4% to 11% in incremental sales

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